Utah Mountain Route

In 2017 I started working on a route going through Utah’s mountain range. I’m not the first do be doing this, but I have my own vision on it I’d like to see through to take advantage of as much of what Utah has to offer. I’ll be working on it in a serious way for the 2019 hiking season and will post updates as I go, but for now I have my half-assed ‘mission statement’ here: https://hare.press/2019/01/26/the-road-ahead/

A sample of views

The very rough outline

I’ve mapped this out in-depth before (I have a 100% ‘viable’ route done already that I’m going to be re-working) so I know it’s possible sans the connecting routes that go into Idaho and Wyoming. In the past I was torn on whether to continue the trail north or head east to the High Uintas. I want the route to include the best of both worlds, which of course means leaving Utah for a time (worth it for Bear Lake and Flaming Gorge if you ask me, both are spectacular in their own right). A bonus of doing it this way is folks coming in from abroad have relatively quick access back to Salt Lake City when they’re done with their hike.

Again this is just a super general outline I made in five minutes purely to illustrate what shape this is going to take. There’s a lot of options as far as ‘which mountains do I route through’ that I’ll be making decisions on once I get out and personally investigate which areas are worth checking out. I don’t know if the Idaho and Wyoming connections are even possible at the moment, it all boils down to what the public land to private property ratio is like. I’m not against adding some road walking when it’s absolutely necessary but my goal is to avoid it as much as possible since I know how much people hate it.

This route as far as my experience with it goes (I did some very limited field work with it in 2017) will be a mix of on-trail and cross-country hiking. Something fun for everyone.

I’ll have more for y’all in the spring/summer! This page will be properly formatted and such once I have actual content for it. For now all I can do is gush and daydream about it.