Another “So You Want to go Out on a Long Hike” Guide/FAQ

I remember how overwhelming my first hike felt. You’re worried about getting to a town with no resupply options, you’re worried you’ve planned each stretch out wrong, you’re worried about conditions on trail hundreds of miles and months away from your computer desk with your haphazard notes with town names circled and lines connecting to … More Another “So You Want to go Out on a Long Hike” Guide/FAQ

Video Preview

Since I’m back with all this footage on my hands I decided to throw a little preview together of what’s to come.  I wish I could start editing in full right now but my laptop can’t do all the things I need it to.  It’s like 10 years old, the screen is in a constant … More Video Preview

Utah IDK Route

IDK meaning.. you know.. “I dunno”. I’ve gotten into a new hobby I think where I pick a place and try and make a route through it.  It all started when I thought I was going to hike a section of the American Discovery Trail this summer and had to play ‘connect the dots’ with … More Utah IDK Route

2017 Gear Updates

I’ve settled on just using my gear I already have for the most part, there’s no point in buying new stuff when my setup from the PCT is still good to use right?  Even so, some stuff did wear down a bit or just break completely.  You can view my full gear list here, and … More 2017 Gear Updates

Solo Hiking

So this is something I see pop up a lot.  Solo hikers for some reason or another are kinda made out to be part of some fringe group when I feel it either is or should be a very normal thing.  I see people glowing when they do their first solo trip which is a … More Solo Hiking