Creek Canyon Ridge

A while ago I posted on here with ambitious plans of climbing 12,000 feet and crossing a 40 mile chunk of mountains.  What actually happened wasn’t the funnest time I’ve ever had hiking. I started at around 7:30 and started my ascent from above the state capitol building near Ensign peak, a very modest 10 … More Creek Canyon Ridge

Surprise Surprise

Apparently I don’t have to go to work until July 5th, so that leaves me with a bit of time.  Naturally my first thought was to go backpacking, so I looked around, and first settled on an 86 mile hike, but there’s a section where the trail hits the pavement through a canyon with no … More Surprise Surprise

Desolation Lake

The snow is really starting to melt now, which means I have great access to the western side of the Utah mountains, which is my favorite side.  Eastern-facing mountains in the SLC area have foliage more reminiscent of desert brush and offer less dramatic landscapes.  The western sides however have dramatic peaks, rocky outcroppings, lush … More Desolation Lake

Doughnut Falls

So a hike did end up happening over my weekend, albeit a short little jaunt up to Doughnut Falls with a coworker.  The trail was pretty flat the whole way up until the very end where it shot straight up to get to the top of the falls, where we found nothing but disappointment.  Doughnut … More Doughnut Falls