Desolation Lake

The snow is really starting to melt now, which means I have great access to the western side of the Utah mountains, which is my favorite side.  Eastern-facing mountains in the SLC area have foliage more reminiscent of desert brush and offer less dramatic landscapes.  The western sides however have dramatic peaks, rocky outcroppings, lush … More Desolation Lake

North Canyon Trail

I’ve been wanting to go out for a hike since I did Avenue Twin Peaks, but the weather has been really crummy lately.  The weather was still crummy when Exo and I went out to hike the North Canyon Trail, but the weather reports claimed it would clear up later in the day.  Obviously weather … More North Canyon Trail

PCT 2016 Preview

I’ve been sitting on hundreds clips of footage for a couple months now just dying to start editing them together but my laptop’s capability is limited and can only run very barebones software, so I have to wait until I can pull my PC out of storage.  I can’t do that until I have somewhere … More PCT 2016 Preview