PCT 2016

Day 0: Here We Go

Day 1 – What Have I Done

Day 2: Do Knees Dream of Electric Sheep

Day 3: Zero in Laguna

Day 4: Nothing Gained, Everything Ventured

Day 5: An Abnormal Amount of Ow

Day 6: To Julian!

Day 7: I Miss the Dirt

*skipped day 8, uneventful zero*

Day 9: My Sweet Dusty Home

Day 10: Well Then..

Day 11: Warner Springs and Beyond

Day 12: Yeah, I’m Still Tired

Day 13: The Crescendo of Suck

Day 14-15: I love Idyllwild

Day 16: Back to the Stuff

Day 17: Spooky Forest

Day 18: Cabazon the Unreachable

 Day 19-21: Lazy in Big Bear

Day 22: Weird Vibes

Day 23: Long night, Great Day

Days 24-29: Long Rest, Lots o’ Thoughts

Day 30: I’m Back I’m Back I’m Back!

Day 31: Finally Out of Big Bear

Day 32: I Can’t Stop Swimming

Day 33: Jackrabbit

Day 34: Food Day

Day 35: Goodbye Food

Day 36: Hello Angeles National Forest

Day 39: Mount Baden-Powell

Day 40: Ups and Downs

Day 41: 400 Miles!

Day 42: Empty Campgrounds

Day 43: It Always Works Out…Ish

I’m Still Alive

*It became clear to me at this point that keeping a blog going the way I had been was very difficult and frankly a bit expensive as I was taking more zeros than usual just fumbling with my phone trying to get it work.  I started making updates via sections from that point on.  I recapped these sections in a podcast you can listen to here, trying to work things out in a different way.  Otherwise it’s pictures and text as usual!

Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

Kennedy Meadows to Lone Pine

Lone Pine to Independence

Independence to Bishop

Bishop to Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite

The Pre-SOBO Update

Endings and Beginnings


Thank you so much to everyone who followed along either while I was on trail, or after.  I hope you found what you were looking for (IE encouragement to get out there and do it.  I didn’t make it to Canada but I wouldn’t trade my experience with the PCT for the world).  Keep your eyes on my website for videos!  I have so much footage from my hike that I’ll be putting together starting sometime in November once I settle back down for the winter until my next trek.