Updated 1/24/19.  This a mix of my favorite gear from my 2018 hiking season, not representative of gear actually carried all at once.  It’ll be what I use in the future.  For example I mainly used a Tarptent Protrail, but actually preferred my tarp/bivy combo.


Item Brand Weight
Backpack MLD Prophet (cut down) 14oz


Item Brand Weight
Tarp/Bivy MLD Grace Solo/Bug Bivy 2 16.2oz
Sleeping Pad Thermarest Zlite Sol (cut smaller) 6oz
Groundsheet (No longer use)
Quilt Enlightened Equipment Enigma 19oz
Pillow Zpacks Pillow Bag 1.6oz


Item Brand Weight
Cell Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 5.3oz
PLB Delorme InReach SE 7oz
Headphones Whatever brand something or another 0.4oz
Headlamp Petzl E+Lite 1oz
Battery Pack Anker 10,000 mAh 12.8oz
Camera Sony A500 8.3oz

Food Stuffs

Item Brand Weight
Spoon Optimus Titanium 0.7oz
Water Filter Sawyer Mini 2oz
Food Bag Zpacks food bag 1.4oz
Pot Evernew 700ml 3.4oz
Stove MSR Pocket Rocket 3oz


Item Brand Weight
Rain Shell Frogg Toggs 5oz
Wind Pants Montbell Dynamo 2.6oz
Puffy Patagonia Nanopuff 12oz
Running Shorts Idk 2.7oz
Socks Injinji Toe Socks 2oz
T Shirt Hypnotik Long Sleeve 4.9oz
Base Layer (Pants) Patagonia Capilene 6.8oz
Hat/Scarf/Baklava/Helicopter Buff 1.4oz
Gloves REI inserts 1.3oz
Briefs ExOfficio 1oz


Item Brand Weight
Lighter Bic 0.7oz
Med Kit Random stuff 3oz
Compass WHERE AM I 0.6oz
Trowel Titanium 1.9oz
Hand Sanitizer Purell 2.2oz
Multi-Tool Leatherman Squirt 2oz

Total Weight

Base Weight *Drumroll* 9.5lbs

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