Grandeur Peak

Yesterday I went for a quick 4.8 mile hike 3313 feet up Grandeur Peak.  It stuck out to me because the trail reports were saying it’s not a typical hike and that it was really steep.  I just got a pair of hiking sandals I wanted to test out, so why not throw them into … More Grandeur Peak

Malan’s Peak

Talking about hiking is good and stuff, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually been out.  It’s been even longer since I’ve done any winter hiking (nearly a year to the day.. nearly).  So an after-work hike up Malan’s Peak in Ogden, UT seemed appropriate.  It’s a beautiful trail if you ignore the clouds … More Malan’s Peak

Mailbox Peak, WA

Today I went to check the mail. In the local hiking circles, Mailbox Peak is somewhat of a legend.  Over two miles you gain 4,000 feet of elevation through some pretty rough terrain (There are two trails: The new one and the old one.  I took the old one today as the new one had … More Mailbox Peak, WA

Kings Peak, Utah

Sitting at 13,527 feet, Kings Peak is the highest point in Utah.  If you’re wanting to tackle this like a usual person would, it takes three days to complete.  One day for the hike in, one for the summit, and one for the hike out.  But for all you trail runners out there, there are … More Kings Peak, Utah