Routin’ away all day

While I work on the route I’ll be prodding at this summer sometimes I kinda feel the urge to talk about it, so I did that and filmed it a bit. This is going to be a lot of work and will take a while to flesh out, so I thought having a record of everything would be kinda neat. This time it’s a lot of introduction and such, future videos will be a bit more straight forward.

I really reaaally hate talking to a camera in general. It’s a bit easier on trail because I feel like it’s kinda natural to want to record what happens along the way and such. Much-less so when I’m at home sitting on my ass doing nothing. This is a major reason I don’t do any other kinds of videos on my channel. If it ain’t about hiking, then it’s a no-go. Anything else feels a bit too forced for me. But I’m swallowing that (kinda literally, I felt like puking once I hit ‘upload’) for the sake of… I dunno? Build-up I guess? I filmed another one today and felt a little more comfortable about it.

Anyways, video:

An hour and thirty minutes. Yuck, I know. I kinda figured there’s not a huge group of folks out there who are really into this kinda stuff – much less a group who would watch a video on it – so I kinda just did what I did and uploaded it and we’ll see where it goes. I’ll be doing this until it’s hiking season, then the real fun work of going out there and testing it can start. Until then here’s an hour of some dude drawing lines on a map. Future videos might be shorter, they might not be, I dunno.

I’ll upload these when I have something, and it’ll be on days I don’t upload my PCT videos. Content wise I have a video coming out tomorrow I’m incredibly super happy with, and some ever-important gear reviews (not my favorite subject, but sometimes I feel strongly about some stuff about things) coming up here as well.

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