Ending an Era (for now?)

Well this site is about as neglected as my normal life has been the last three years. In short I’m gonna be active here again as opposed to other avenues largely because it’s more enjoyable, and partly because stuff like Instagram isn’t exactly my favorite cause I’m just not a huge fan of social media. Anyways.

I went out and hiked the PCT again this last summer. I didn’t finish a full thru but I completed pretty much what I had left of the trail leftover from 2016 sans a little chunk in NorCal due to fires and me not caring about NorCal any longer. The fires disrupted my continuous footsteps I’d proudly kept together since Canada, once that was broken I didn’t really care about skipping a bit. Then once I got to the Sierra I decided I didn’t feel like repeating miles I did in 2016 and decided to try the Sierra High Route which was great, but ultimately I wasn’t quite ready for it. Great we’re all caught up now.

And what a good year it was

At some point during my hike this year I kinda realized I’m getting older and my only prospects are that I can walk really far and I have nothing to fall back on if I need it. It was romantic for a while to ‘live on the edge’, but at some point it loses its luster, as well as I was just tired from doing this annually. It’s great and all but it’s a ton of work and I kinda missed having a life. Currently I’m just trying to work on how to have the best of both worlds which is a bit of a pipe dream, but so was doing any of this to begin with.

Hello future employers, my strengths are: strong legs, love of the wilderness, and horrific body odor

So where does that leave things right now? Honestly it’s not like things will be much different, if anything from the website end things will probably be more active as I’m more inclined to upload stuff. For now all I have planned for the summer is a marathon out in Utah’s wonderful Tushar Mountain range, and I obviously would like for there to be more than that. Living in Utah again presents a ton of outdoorsy opportunities, and with the confidence I’ve gained this last year on the PCT/SHR I think things will get pretty interesting. Currently I’m looking into getting back into snowboarding without having to pay the astronomical costs of a resort lift ticket. I have a mountain range right behind my residence at the moment and.. well.. who said you can’t hike up a hill and snowboard down?

Dem Tushar mountains tho

Anyways that’s it for now. I have been uploading videos on my Youtube channel of my PCT hike as usual; though not recently because I screwed up all my project files and fixing them is a huge headache so I’ve put it off for a while. Expect some content and maybe some changes if I get around to it, I gots some stuff to say about some things.

PCT videos so far

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