Oh Boy

Small update and stuff.

My apartment is pretty much all packed away.  There’s a bunch of small things here and there that I kinda just stare at wondering what to do with and my gear is kind of all over the place, but it’s pretty much done.

I’m laying on the floor right now staring at the ceiling and it’s hitting me that I’ll be leaving for Maine in 8 days, and I really don’t feel ready for it.  I’m a bit nervous to be honest, I don’t feel like my body is up to the task of Katahdin + a 100 mile stretch with no resupply.  I’m feeling some doubt this time that I don’t recall feeling for the my PCT hike.  But maybe I was feeling like this last year too, I dunno.  I certainly had a moment of doubt when I fractured my big toe before my hike (which I’ve managed to pull off again this year), but not an all-encompassing cloud of doubt.  I’m so in my element in desert environments, not so much in forests, and here I am about to hike through nothing but forest.  Why?!

Yeah I’m excited, but damn.  I’ll get back to y’all soon.

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