Surprise Surprise

Apparently I don’t have to go to work until July 5th, so that leaves me with a bit of time.  Naturally my first thought was to go backpacking, so I looked around, and first settled on an 86 mile hike, but there’s a section where the trail hits the pavement through a canyon with no shoulder, to then meet up with a wilderness area closed to the public.  If I went around it, I’d have to go up and over a ski resort that’s still snowed in and a bit out of my comfort range.  Basically there’s this huge chunk between point A and point B that I can’t fill without having to walk through cities, which sounds kinda dumb.

So I snipped off the northern part of my original plan and ended up with a 43 mile long hike instead, which is a little sad but at the same time may be for the best because I think this is gonna be hard.  It also goes up and over Francis Peak, which was enticing in and of itself because I’m so sick of me not being on top of that mountain.

I see this stretch of mountains at work all the time.  Sometimes when there’s a lull in stuff to do I watch the sun rise over them.  I’ve hiked around them here and there a few times, but there’s a lot of in-between things that I’m missing out on.

Untitled-2 copy

It starts in what’s called “The Avenues”.  A rich neighborhood basically overlooking Salt Lake City.  I’ve done the Twin Peaks hike up there which amounts to walking over hills basically.  It starts at the base of the mountain and goes all the way up to the ridge, which I’ll hike all the way to Francis Peak, then back down.  It looks pretty straight forward for the most part, the beginning may be a little spooky hiking up the spine to get to the ridge line, but it’s doable.

Untitled-4 copy

I plan on starting Monday.  I’m pretty excited for this, hopefully the snow will be minimal.  I’m so sick of that stuff.  In the mean time I’m doing a dayhike tomorrow to the aforementioned ski resort with my dad, so that should be cool too.


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