Something Something Trail

I dunno the name of it, but my dad, my dog, and I all went on an awesome hike today.  Out of the summits I’ve done here in Utah, they all had outstanding views but weren’t necessarily pretty hikes.  This trail on the other hand just wound through a canyon and plopped you out next to a closed off road that could be followed to an amazing view.  It was beautiful throughout and honestly has been my favorite hike of the year.

The result of me rarely taking selfies:  I have no idea how to get the timer function to work on this damn camera.

My dog loves water.  A stop by the river had to happen.  This was promptly followed by a good roll around in the mud, because dogs.

There was some excellent camping opportunities downhill on the left there, it made me wish I’d planned for an overnight hike.  Another time.

Along the closed paved road are some fantastic views as well as a multitude of different trail opportunities.  Unfortunately my dog was thrashed, so we opted to turn back which ended up being a good choice because I had to carry her chunky ass the last mile.

I learned more about the Great Western Trail today than I have in my countless hours of Google searches.  This trail is illusive to say the least, which is what prompted me to work on my own hiking route through Utah’s mountains, which probably follows the GWT loosely.  I wouldn’t know because there’s damn near no information on it anywhere.  Missed opportunity, the Utah section of it would be gorgeous.  Maybe I’ll hike it (my route) next year.. but then again maybe I won’t!

The hike ended with sore arms from carrying my dog, but also a wonderfully softly-lit evening.  This state is so damn beautiful.

I’ve got 40 days until I leave to start the Appalachian Trail.  Am I ready?  Absolutely not.  I can’t wait to be a full-time hiker again.  Day hikes are great but they really don’t scratch the itch anymore.  I sure as hell enjoyed sitting down and looking at these mountain views today though.

3 thoughts on “Something Something Trail

    1. Before the dam in ogden canyon. It was really neat! At one point Dixie went to a deeper part of the river and just floated there, I wish I’d gotten a picture of it, it was hilarious.


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