‘Another’ 2017 plan revision

So I learned something really discouraging today:  The Ice Age Trail is largely going to be closed in October for the hunting season.  That was pretty frustrating news, I knew that it would be a reality but the extent of it wasn’t apparent to me until I asked other hikers.

Since my dad wants to come along and do a hike with me this year I brought up some options to him.  Originally I looked at doing a section on the American Discovery Trail starting in Denver, CO and heading as far east as we could make it but he wasn’t too keen on hiking through Kansas or Nebraska (I think it would have been cool, but I understand where he was coming from).  He wanted to do desert hikes but most of the water would be gone on some of the main longer trails, and the terrain just isn’t practical for his criteria in general.

Planning the hike for this year has been frustrating to say the least.  We both need time to save money but we both want to do a longer hike, so our starting time-frame is pretty much horrible.

Bottom line:  I didn’t expect to be hiking the Appalachian Trail ever, let alone this year.  That’s the plan.  We’re gonna SOBO (southbound) hike the Appalachian Trail, and I didn’t quite expect to be excited by the prospect.  I’ve had a weird mental block against the AT for a wide range of reasons, but lately I’ve been coming around to the idea of it.  It’s just perfect for us this year, the usual SOBO starting time is around July, so we’d be a tad late but not unreasonably so.

So yeah, Mount Katahdin here I come!

There’s basically no other options that fit both of our expectations out of this year’s hike, so I don’t think my plans are gonna change again at this point.  But I mean.. I’m really excited, I didn’t think my plans this year would involve another trail within the main Triple Crown (the Triple Crown encompasses the PCT, CDT, and AT).



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