What’s shakin’ Kevin Bacon

Sometimes I like to just ramble a bit about things.

Ice Age Trail

I’m officially getting really excited to hike the Ice Age Trail.  I found a good resource for looking at photos of it and it’s more beautiful than I had anticipated initially.

If this is what it looks like before things start coming to life through the spring then I think I’ll get along just fine with this trail.

Magical Mystery Tour

I’m having a hell of a time finding music I can use for my videos.  You can’t know how many times I’ve uploaded videos to have Youtube tell me the creators of a song don’t want their stuff on Youtube, which is fair because it’s their stuff, I have zero complaints there.  I like to try and stay with startup bands because they’re more cool about their stuff being used, but I’m super picky about the song matching the mood of the footage.  When I started editing my PCT footage I was just kinda doing it for fun, but I really really enjoyed it, and when I enjoy things like that I become a bit of a snob about it and I keep trying new things/try to get better at it.

So that plays into another problem:  I’m tired of everything ever.  I really miss how things were for me on the PCT and I’m pretty well just over doing things for the sake of doing them.  Some days it’s a struggle, other days I’m proactive about it.  For the past month I’ve been looking at vans and plans for vans, because I cans.  I want to get one and convert it into a mobile tiny house so my dog and I can cruise around and hike everything.  But I always get hung up on the financial part of it:  It shouldn’t be expensive at all, I just need money for gas, food, and car insurance.  But that’s still money I need in the bank, and my skills are limited to me being really good at remedial tasks and I’m an alright dog trainer.  Both of which aren’t great mobile skills, like they could be but not reliably.  I very briefly considered making my videos more monetization friendly, but I don’t want my source of income being fed by Youtube, and I’d like it to remain a passion project.  I also don’t think my videos are good enough to even consider that.

So anyways, I’ve been spending the last week+ looking for music for my videos, and I remembered that stock media exists.  So I looked for stock music, found some really good stuff, realized I couldn’t afford it, and got a little frustrated because I’ve restructured my video numerous times already throughout this whole thing but I can’t find the last song I need.  Then I realized I’ve had fancy music software on my computer for the last couple years, and I also have some equipment (piece of equipment) for it too.  I even got okay at it back when I was plugging away at it.  So I’ve been relearning my way around the software, and it’s turning out alright.


The idea is if I work hard enough, I can get good at it.  If I get good at it, I can try to sell stock music, all the resources are there for me to take advantage of already so: why not?  Also, I don’t pride myself so much on my ability to capture video, but I’ve always been pretty confident with my ability to take pictures, I could focus on taking more specific ones for stock images too.  If I could make like $400 a month off those eventually, I’ll be in great condition.  I’m not at all under the impression that any of this is going to be easy at all, but nothing worth doing ever is.  If I fail, then there’s plenty of other options out there I haven’t thought of yet.

One step at a time though.  I’m just happy that I have all the theoretical bases covered and have a starting line drawn on the ground.  And I have a lot to look forward to with the Ice Age Trail thru-hike coming up in ~95 days (holy shit I only have 95 days left and I’ve done literally nothing to get ready for it).

One Sentence

My new backpack shipped today after waiting almost month, yay.

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