The Pony Express Trail

I think I’ve become somewhat of a magnet for trails/future adventures.

Instead of hiking today I went out for a drive to the western Utah desert, because I’ve never really been out there before for some reason.  What was supposed to be a relatively short drive turned into an all day escapade because not only was I just absolutely entranced in the beauty of the area, I found something.


A beat up old sign with the hallmark trail post shape out in the middle of nowhere telling me that something called The Pony Express trail exists and that you can access it.  From the looks of it it’s multi-use, basically meaning you can access it in any way you desire, but it’s mostly used for offroading from what I can tell.  I also noticed that it goes all the way out to Nevada.  I looked at the map on the trail kiosk and decided to drive out as far as my poor car could go, not expecting to make it up the first pass.

But to my delight, it did, and I was confronted with a glimpse of a vast stretch of desert extending out as far as I could see.  I left my car behind and my dog and I went for a quick hike up a mountainside to get a better view.

We stayed there for a solid hour, me starting to get itchy hiker feet wanting to just start walking in that direction and not stopping.  My dog on the other hand seemed content with eating grass, so that’s.. a thing.

I wanted so much to continue driving, but I didn’t want to push my car into something it couldn’t handle so I turned around and went back with much trepidation, but instead of going back the way I came I decided to try and follow the trail from the highway.  Separated by miles, but heading in the same general direction towards Lehi.  Oh my god western Utah is just so incredible.


As I drove I started thinking about my plans this summer.  Maybe a hike along the 122 mile long trail is in order after the Oregon Coast Trail.  The prospect of it, and the beauty of the surrounding area just captivated me in the same way things like the PCT did.  I’ve read more on it and there’s really no natural water sources along the way, so caching water along the route is gonna have to happen but otherwise it seems pretty straightforward, and I’m really amped up about it.

I’m not particularly fond of Utah in a lot of ways, but if there’s one thing I can give it it’s that you can just go in a direction and find the most incredible things you never knew existed.  It’s a shame the state seems so hellbent on whoring off places like this for resources.

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