North Canyon Trail

I’ve been wanting to go out for a hike since I did Avenue Twin Peaks, but the weather has been really crummy lately.  The weather was still crummy when Exo and I went out to hike the North Canyon Trail, but the weather reports claimed it would clear up later in the day.  Obviously weather is different in the mountains, but we went for it.  I was particularly excited to do this one because it went into National Forest territory whereas the hikes I’ve done this winter have all been somewhat ‘urban’ trails.  Hello nature!

Due to the snow, we had to park a couple miles away from the trailhead and hike up a road.  It was all very much part of the hike as it offered some really cool sights.

Once we hit the trailhead, things got even better!  Albeit harder.  We were two of four people to have passed through here since the last storm.  The people ahead of us were in snowshoes breaking the trail, we were in normal shoes breaking a sweat.  At times we’d sink in to thigh-deep snow struggling to stand back up, only to have our next step sink in just as deep.  Most of the time it was funny to watch each other struggle, sometimes it got a little unnerving depending on the terrain we were on at the time.  Due to the large holes in the snow, it looked like the people ahead of us were having the same problem despite being in snowshoes.

We passed through some aspens here and there.  These trees are the best, too bad people can’t restrain themselves from carving dumb shit into the trunks.  We get it, you have a name and you were here.  Congratulations.

We broke the treeline and found ourselves walking along the outer curves of the mountains looking ahead at miles of wilderness.  Aw yis, wilderness.  We also caught a view of some dark clouds.  Aw no, dark clouds.

Looking back at civilization we saw more dark clouds inevitably rolling along towards the mountains we were now on.  We debated turning back, but in true stubborn fashion we continued on.  There had been quite a few misses during the day where the clouds would divert further north once they hit the Wasatch mountains because mountains do weird things to weather.  But that also means another weird thing could happen and bring the storm to us.

Which it did.

It very did.

I was able to capture one last glimpse of the view before it became totally obscured.  We fell short of our goal of trying to push to a nice flat, opting to just turn back which was probably a good call since the wind really picked up and the snow started falling pretty hard.  Fortunately we weren’t far from the treeline, and once we got under the cover of the tall pines the weather seemed negligible.

I love snow hiking, but I’m kind of done with the snow.  I’m looking forward to when these short weekend excursions can be weekend backpacking trips.  I’m so ready to spend a night out in nature again, and I plan on doing it either every week or every other week.  I’m also very ready to go up taller/more dramatic mountains.



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