Avenue Twin Peaks

It’s been a bit stormy here in Utah, which is good because this state needs the snow.  Wind is also nice to push the smog out of the valley; this inversion effect is horrible and I feel like I’m choking on exhaust sometimes.  But there was none of that today, and with back-to-back storms over the weekend this was my one day to go out and get a good hike in before hunkering down for the storms.  That was yesterday, and I still had some hope that maybe today or tomorrow I could go out and hike but that’s not looking to be the case.  I could barely drive out of the parking lot at work much less make it home.

Anyways, I took my dog this time because I wasn’t out going up a dramatic mountain and her little legs could handle the walk.  She’s a great hiking buddy, it makes me sad I can’t take her out more often.  Lastly somehow I managed to make the picture quality on my phone worse… I gotta get a new camera, this thing is driving me crazy.

I hope the weather clears up a bit and the snow has a chance to settle so I can go back out next week.  I have my eye on some awesome trails, neither of which are worth hiking through white-out conditions or getting eaten by an avalanche.. so I wait.


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2 thoughts on “Avenue Twin Peaks

    1. She was beside herself, watching her run through the snow was so great.

      Utah is weird in that it’s touted as ‘the’ outdoor state a lot, but the urban areas are trashed in some form or another. It’s definitely that “This land is only for humanity’s benefit” kind of mentality.


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