PCT Series: Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

A day late and a dollar short, my bad.  I started a job where I do a lot of job things.  It’s a lot of physical activity which is my favorite kind of job, but man did it wear me out the first little while.  So I kinda fell asleep yesterday forgetting to upload the video, whoops.

Anyways, things aside:  It’s no secret to anyone who read my trail register entries that I didn’t care for this section.  I’d spent a long time in the desert, and all the ‘desert things’ came to a huge climax here that made sure that whatever ego or sense of self worth was completely gone by the end of this stretch which at the time sucked, but in retrospect I appreciate the value of that.  I felt so great and ready to take on the Sierra by the time I left Kennedy Meadows.  I think in the end that’s what I loved so much about the desert, and yes I’m going to get cheesy and delve into some cliche:

The desert was above all – for me – like getting beat down so many times that you have to reinvent who you are in a way in order to just deal with it and learn to enjoy it.  I’ve never been so hot in my life, so thirsty, in so much pain, so ready to just push on and get something over with in my life without just saying “Well that’s all I can do”.  I saw it through.  More importantly, I embraced how trashy I was by the end of it all.  Fun note, I brushed my teeth twice through the desert and properly washed my clothes twice (once in Idyllwild, once in Lake Isabella).  There’s better things you can do with water, like drink it.


Another fun note, in my first video of day one a Jackrabbit hopped across the trail as I was just barely setting out on this trek.  In this one, the same thing happened as I was leaving the desert behind and walking through Kennedy Meadows.  It’s not like I didn’t see them everywhere all the time, but you know.. it’s just kind of a cool thing.  Spirit animal status confirmed.

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