PCT Video Series: Campo to Julian

I’m all moved in!  Kind of!  I’m currently working on my computer on the floor like some kind of savage (and I wouldn’t have it any other way) but I’ve been able to start working on getting all of my footage thrown together.  Rather than doing a giant mega-movie I decided to release it in portions because before I started my hike I was one of the many people scouring the internet for any kind of PCT related media ever.  My favorite videos were the ones being released weekly so I had something new to look forward to rather than re-watching the same thing over and over again (which I did anyways).  It also gives me something to focus on so I can ignore how awful being off trail feels.  That being said seeing all this footage makes me want to cry.

I spent four days throwing this together, mainly because I have a thing for making sure music matches the mood/flow.  I went a little crazy the first night with frustration and started throwing death metal and Dragonball Z music into the project file because seeing images of serene nature paired with that sound was funny to me at 6:00 AM after no sleep.

Anyways, this is part one of many.  I’ll be releasing a new one every Wednesday.  I’m already working on future episodes as we speak.


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