Our World

This isn’t hiking related.  I read a thing and I want to talk about that thing.  As a preface:  I hate that I’m in a situation where I feel that I need to talk about this, and I also am not the kind of person who falls into doomsday prophecies.  I also gain exactly 0% … More Our World

Solo Hiking

So this is something I see pop up a lot.  Solo hikers for some reason or another are kinda made out to be part of some fringe group when I feel it either is or should be a very normal thing.  I see people glowing when they do their first solo trip which is a … More Solo Hiking

Post-Trail Blues

So I basically broke while editing my next video so I figured it’d be a good time to make a post about this finally. A lot of people say the trail doesn’t change you really, and I agree with that to a degree.  I’m not a different person really despite a few new small additions … More Post-Trail Blues