The Pre-SOBO Update

Ayyyyy everyone!  I’m off trail briefly and with family before I flip SOBO.  Sitting around and not hiking all day every day is so weird.  It’s fine on a zero day, but to be back home in a familiar environment is a little different.  Regardless I’ve had a blast seeing everyone again.

I’m not happy with how things went down on my website.  It’s not easy to manage this on trail, and it’s especially hard when I can’t upload images.  Any image uploading application I could think to use that doesn’t cost money just refuses to upload my absurd amount of photos.  Considering that’s a huge component to my website, I just stopped posting updates.  It goes a bit beyond that however, typing on my phone is a huge pain in the ass.  I hate using mobile devices, period.  Nothing beats an actual keyboard and mouse setup in my opinion, so that was a huge adjustment that I’m still getting used to.  As far as managing files and stuff, I have that down.  Typing everything I want to type however remains an obstacle.  The podcast system worked great once, but now I’m having problems with that.  This is so annoying.

So I’m sitting here at a table with my broken laptop in front of me looking at what’s next for me after the PCT.  Earlier I had my heart set on a bike tour, but I don’t know about that anymore.  One thing I do know however is that I’m getting a bluetooth keyboard next time to help the on-trail effort to keep things going.  If I can at least get a wall of text up each time I’ll be somewhat satisfied.  I may make the plunge now (looking at some right now.. it seems they’ve gone down in price!), but I have to be careful with my budget.  I’ll also get a proper wordpress subscription to up my bandwidth for pictures and video because as it stands I have a very small amount that I have to be careful with.  I figure at least then I can choose some of the better shots and cross my fingers and hope they upload.

The saving grace of all of this is my massive library of video I’ve recorded on trail.  If I completely fail at keeping a text-based account of my time on trail, I’ll at the very least have a lot of material to work with to put together a video series when I finish.  The quality of the videos is pretty shaky in the beginning, but I got the hang of it at some point and it gets much better.  I’m looking forward to putting that together.  I think this time that’ll be my main medium.  Next time it’ll be a bit of both.

So I have a list of trails in front of me.  I don’t think I’ll be doing the CDT next, and I’m not sure that I’ll ever go for the AT honestly.  I think I’ll be cramming a bunch of different trails together and do a bit of a summer tour.  The two I know I want to do for sure are the  Colorado Trail and the Uinta Highline Trail in Utah.  I also learned about the West Coast Trail in Canada from a couple of awesome JMT hikers I camped with in Tuolumne Meadows, and there’s always the Pacific Northwest Trail to consider as well.  So my plans are basically “I’ll just do whatever I feel like”, and that’s the way it should be.  I bounce from wanting to do something like the PCT again to wanting to go back to school to finish up my education in web development so I could work on a really awesome hiking project I’ve been drafting up on trail, it’s difficult to say what’s best.  The truth is I’m terrified to take the plunge into settling back down.

Anywho, I’m getting all my pictures uploaded finally and I’ll at least post those for you all to gander at before I head back out.  Thank you for being patient as I try and figure out the best way to keep this going.  Just know that I’m still out there recording everything and I’ll be putting that together when I finish!

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