A different kind of update from Bishop

Hey everyone!  I haven’t forgotten about this place, I swear.  Managing all this in the format I like is a serious pain to do from a phone.  I really like detailed accounts of all my days and don’t want entries being made that are just a brief list.  That means I had to stay in town longer solely to keep things going which happens to be a little expensive, so I had to stop.

Where does that leave us then?  Well I want to keep things going in some form until I can get all my daily entries fleshed out and posted on here, so I decided “hey, I can always do a kind of podcast!”.  I looked into the best way to do that from my phone without spending money and ultimately settled on putting my phone flat on a table and recording it via Youtube.  It’s the best way I’ve found so far, but I’ll be looking into it a bit more as I go on, namely an audio streaming service of some kind.  I’ll also be uploading the pictures associated with each stretch along with it so you can give them a look while I ramble on.

This was a last minute thought and I had a lot to cover this time as well as it being my first time sitting alone in a hotel room and talking out loud to my phone, I’ll be working on improving it as I go.  So here we go, this time I cover thoughts of quitting, trail friends, my entry into the Sierra, strange towns folk, unexpected rides, and a crushing realization that in my current state I will not make it to Canada.. what do we do about that?

Thanks for sticking around, thanks for listening!  If you have any input on making things better, absolutely let me know.  I have some packing up to do now, it’s trail time!

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