Days 24-29: Long rest, Lots o’ Thoughts

So I’ve been off trail for a while on account of my dumb knee.  I got off the trail at Highway 18 in Big Bear, made my way all the way down to the desert in Victorville, stayed there for a couple days until the hotel kicked my dad and I out on account of it being a popular place and being booked (who knew).  We decided to head down to San Diego and camp by the coast for a couple days until the weekend crowds spilled in.  It was nice, at times I was sitting around not knowing what to do with myself, and I’m not particularly fond of oceans (I have a thing about big bodies of water), but it was cool.

So we got kicked out of there and made our way back up to Big Bear where the hotel hunt began once again.  Apparently there’s a fishing tournament kicking into gear this weekend, and apparently people actually go to things like this.  Different strokes, different folks I guess.  Finding an affordable room was a little difficult, but we scored a room for really cheap at the Travelodge which ironically enough is one of the nicer places I’ve stayed at on the trail so far.

During this time my knee wasn’t feeling any better at all and I was faced with the reality that maybe this was it for me.  So I started thinking about what was next for me if I had to get off the PCT.  Obviously as I mentioned previously, finishing the trail was the priority so I started planning on how to pick it back up later when my knee recovered.  But then my thoughts extended a bit beyond the PCT.  What do I want to do after this?  There’s so many trails to hike and the Arizona Trail was always in the back of my mind, but then I started wondering:  Does it even have to be a hike?

Bam.  Revelation right there.  I love hiking so much.  It’s my favorite thing ever, but it’d be cool to try something else out for a change right?  So I looked into other options, and found myself at the foot of the Trans America Trail, a biking route spanning from coast to coast in the USA.  Yeah, I’m all over that.  Benefits:  I can bring my dog and feel a little more comfortable about it.  So whether it’s the Trans America Trail or otherwise, it looks like a long distance bike tour is in my future.  But I’m facing one problem here:  I know nothing about bikes.  Absolutely fucking nothing.  In my research, I’ve found out that I need a metal frame with two wheels and the capability of hauling gear and a fat Corgi along.  So that’s where I’m at with that.  The benefit is I have a long time to figure it all out.

Anyways, my dad and I were heading out to grab food last night and as I was walking down the stairs my knee popped.  I got to the bottom, bent it a bit and hallelujah it felt better again.  I’m heading back out to the trail tomorrow!  Wohoo!  I’m worried it might start acting up again, but it’s worth a shot.  Along with my knee, I personally feel a lot more revitalized and ready to tackle this trail with the amount of enthusiasm I had on day one.  Mostly I’m ready to get the hell out of the Big Bear area after being stuck here for.. what.. a week?  More?

I took pictures but I’m frantically charging all my devices last minute while I frantically update my blog last minute here.  Just some nice shots of the coast and our camp site, I’ll get them uploaded next time.  As always, thanks for following along everyone, and you’ll hear from me soon!

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