Day 14-15: I love Idyllwild

I can’t go too far into detail here, I always forget to take notes on my zero days.  But Idyllwild was the cure I needed to my Hiker Funk (in terms of smell and attitude).  My dad and I stayed in a cool little hotel/cabin place at the edge of town with very reasonable prices for the amount of space and comfort of the place.  If you’re looking to hike, Blue Bird is the way to go!

Half of my stay there was spent stuffing my face with food.  I almost stuffed a 16 inch pizza into my stomach, awesome hamburgers and great bbq, it goes on and on.  I eventually had a normal appetite again by the second day.  Hands down though the best place in town is the Red Kettle, their breakfast is other worldly and hiker-portioned.  So.  Damn.  Good.

We wandered around and did the tourist thing, I got my next round of food ready for the hike to Big Bear along with a new knee brace that looked promising.  Ran into Thor and Ranger Stack again, gave them a ride to the trail head.  Mostly though I kinda just spent my time inside tapping at my keyboard keeping this thing updated, watched a few movies, and ate even more food.

I was going to leave after my second day here, but by the time I got everything ready to go it was already late in the day.  I wasn’t exactly sad to say “Oh well I guess I should stay another day!”, because that meant of course I got to eat regular food one more time.  If you’re hiking, stop in Idyllwild.  If you’re not hiking, go to Idyllwild anyways.  It’s a cool little town.

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