It’s All Good

Hey everyone, I’m not going to update on my zero days in Idyllwild until I get more pictures taken, this town is so cool!  But I can’t really do that until tomorrow, and I’m leaving tomorrow which isn’t conducive to keeping the blog updated.  I need to start taking more pictures of the towns along the way in general, I just realized I haven’t been doing that at all.

I so realize my last few entries were a little colorful.  But frankly they don’t come close to describing how awful I felt.  But I got actual sleep the last couple days and I’ve been eating a lot of food.  I feel totally normal and ready to hit the trail again.  I need to rethink my on-trail diet.  I’m not quitting, and I won’t until I have a very good reason for doing so.  Even so, the trail isn’t exactly how you romanticize it to be, it’s a very real and raw experience and things can go wrong sometimes, and then just continue to go wrong.  Welcome to reality!

I feel more confident knowing that and I’m glad it all happened, I’ll be ready for it next time!  I think.

Thank  you so much to everyone who’s been following along so far, I promise I’m not going to spend the whole time on this trail being a grumpy jerk.  I really do love this trail, and the majority of the people are so awesome.

I’ll get back to you from Big Bear!  Probably won’t be long due to the fire closure messing everything up.

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