Day 7 – I Miss the Dirt

I’m a week into my PCT trek, and only four and a half of those days have been spent hiking.  I’m still trying to will this tendinitis away.  Ice helped marginally, I just started rolling my foot on a cold water bottle/using my trekking pole as a massage rolling pin.. thing.. what do you even call those things?

But those four and a half days… man.  I’m going to be in trouble when I end this trek, wherever it may be.  It’s such a rush!  The world moves at a million miles an hour but manages to slow down at the same time.  Really time just doesn’t exist, it’s weird.  Getting off it to sit around in a hotel room is a huge bummer.  This first taste of the trail has been one of the most potent experiences of my life.

So I’m sitting in a chair with my foot in a trash bin full of cold water and roughly five cubes of ice floating around along with bits of plastic (I accidentally broke the ice tray, woops!) somewhere in the mix.  Staying positive is hard, I worry about how long this is going to last.  At some point I’m going to say “Fuck it” and head back out there.  There’s some improvement with my foot going on however, so it may not come to that.  If it weren’t on such a crucial part of my foot I’d still be out there, I did start this with a fractured toe after all.

Anyways, if you ever find yourself limping 25 miles to the nearest road to get into town I highly recommend this song:

And if that town happens to be Julian along the PCT, I highly recommend you eat at Carmen’s.  The day I was there they were doing some specialty Chinese food and it was probably the best food I’ve ever had from a restaurant ever.  The owners are awesome, Julian is awesome, everything is awesome.  Except tendinitis.

Until tomorrow good peoples.

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