Day 6 – Foot Healage

So my foot problem turned out to be probably tendonitis.  I’ve had it before in my heel, but this is along the outside of my foot where I walk on which makes it exponentially more painful.  That’s a relief.  I kept it on ice and elevated it a bit, so far so good.  I got some IcyHot for my knee which is working out pretty well.

The day wasn’t much to speak of for the most part.  My dad met up with me in town again and I thought it’d be cool if we went and got some drinks/snacks and brought them down to Scissors Crossing for the hikers passing through.  I was a little worried about the time as it was already around 11:00, most people are probably through it by now due to the heat.  Ah well, worth a shot right?

We got down there, and of course it was empty.  There was garbage strewn here and there, so I picked it up, refilled the water jugs, and left some cans of assorted Arizona flavored teas in the cooler.  In hindsight I maybe shouldn’t have done that, I hope people throw them away properly.  It seems like most people out here are good about LNT (leave no trace), but who knows.

We went back up to Julian and ate at Carmen’s.  Oh my god, that food is so good.  It is so good.  They were doing a special Chinese food kind of day thing, it was the best.  If you hike the PCT and do not come to Julian and do not eat at Carmens, you should be ashamed.  It’s worth the hitch.

We talked to hikers here and there, went back to the hotel, and I took a nap.  I woke up, and started putting all these journal entries together.  This is hard stuff, I’m gonna have to figure out a more efficient way of putting them together in the future.  I’ve been at it for hours now.  But it’s worth it, right?  Anyways, my foot’s feeling alright and I’ve opted to use my Superfeet insoles despite the fact that they push my foot up a little too far in my shoe.  They’re helping the tendon problem, that’s all I care about.  I’m heading back out tomorrow, I can’t wait to get back to the dust and the dry plants and the heavy water carries.

No images this time, sorry!  Didn’t bring my camera long for the ride.

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