Shit happens

So, I’m not out in California right now.

Family emergencies, a fractured toe, lack of time to get my house finished up.. basically my tendency to be the living embodiment of Murphy’s law got in the way.  Someone tried to burn down the complex I (used to) work at.. I mean holy hell guys.

The emergency subsided, my toe does fine if it’s taped to the one next to it (and the doctor said it should be fine to hike on as long as I take it easy the next couple weeks.. well, as easy as I can anyways), and progress is being made on the house.  Calls were ignored, I’m done at my old job (which was very sad), etc.  Things are really falling into place now, as they always do.  But for a moment, I didn’t think I’d make it out.  I think the universe just wanted to send me out with some fireworks.  Thanks universe.

So the hike is still on, I just have to work a little harder for it in this last push.  Fine by me. Huge thank you to my family for helping out as much as they have this past week, I would have just been absolutely buried by all this without them.

I’m gonna pack up my computer now, see you out there everyone!

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