Huh, Okay

Snappy headline!  Bam!  No I’m not passive aggressively going to rant about something vague that applies to no one.

What I’m brushing off my shoulder is that I’m sitting here in my room for one last weekend.  In seven days, I will be heading to Campo.  Well, six by the time I post this probably.  Six days.  I am both out of my mind, and centered at the same time.  The only other time I feel like this is when I’m on top of a mountain.  Actually that’s the best way to describe what these past 8 or 9 months have been like for me.

When I drive up to the trailhead to hike up a new peak, I’m slightly nervous.  I don’t know what’s waiting for me, I don’t know how long it’s going to take, etc.  Then about halfway up I get super pumped, the views start making an appearance and all the positive things about exercise start to kick in.  I hit a low near the summit where things usually get the hardest or sometimes out of my comfort zone.  The entire time I’m going up all I can think about is the top, what it’s like and how hyped I’m going to be to sit at the top.  But when I get there I just kind of plop down and stare out into space.  I’m not really thinking about anything in particular, I’m just kinda there in the moment almost as if the climb didn’t even really exist at all.  Given good conditions, I could sit up there all day really.  Total bliss, pure zen, meditation, whatever you want to call it, that’s it right there.

My all-time favorite

So here I am, it’s been a long climb and all I could think about was that last little stretch to the top wondering what it’ll be like.  I’m past the beginning, past the hard parts and the low points, I’m just transitioning into that state where I just don’t really care about anything but zoning out and really appreciating why I even bothered getting out and spending all day on the side of a mountain.

But we’re not quite there.  The mountain demands that I pack my house and take care of little odds and ends before I can leave, so it’s time to wrap that up.  Next time you hear from me, I’ll either be leaving or I’ll be in Campo waiting to start my hike.  Maintaining this blog the past 8 or 9 months has been a blast.  I’ve shared some of my hikes here, kept some for myself, blabbed on and on about gear and other things I can’t even recall at this point.  And sometimes I just kind of disappeared, it happens.  It’s about to happen very frequently pretty soon here!

Can’t wait to get back to you from Southern California.


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