The Final Month of Stuff

25 more days.  4 weeks.

July somethingth, 2015:  I found out about the PCT.  From then to now, I have gone through so many attitude shifts and different states of mind about the whole thing, the final result is really just anticlimactic.  There are a lot of words to describe how I feel about being in the last month until my hike, I am ready: physically, mentally, spiritually, existentially, metaphysically, and any crazy weird combination of words that don’t really mean anything.  There’s one missing from that list however: excited.

I had been excited for – god I don’t even want to count how many months it’s been.  It wore off its welcome a few days ago.  Now I just need to be on the trail, I’m ready to go, but I’m not bouncing up and down over it.  I’m calm and quiet, I have a lot of work to do.  The level of excitement I experienced over these months was so intense, it felt like it was just burning its way through my veins.  I was nauseous more often than not, I wasn’t sleeping.  I’d go over my gear over and over again.

With this latest shift, I’m just done prepping.  I don’t care about my base weight, so I went out and got a couple of comfort items.  Frankly, the only thing I do care about at this point is the fact that my music library isn’t nearly large enough for a 4-6 month endeavor.  I’ve been spending hours on different radio stations on Google Music, taking notes whenever I hear a good song.  At the end of each day I’ll go through each artist and see if the rest of their stuff is good enough to purchase.  Yesterday I heard a song that just totally said “Desert hiking” to me.

To my dismay, the album hasn’t been released yet so I can’t listen to it in its entirety just yet.  I scrolled down to see when it will be released: April 15th, 2016.  The day I start my hike.  WELL THEN.  I have huge expectations for this album all of the sudden, though I know like nothing about the artist and their other albums.


Today I started to really pack up my stuff.  I was really shocked at the amount of stuff I have: It was nearly nothing.  I really only packed up a few boxes, but a large chunk of it is already gone.  The only things left are stuff I use on a regular basis, which I’ll pack up last.  The rest of the house remains of course, but likewise there’s really just not that much to take care of, the bulk of it is already in boxes from the last move anyways.  Just need to get a storage unit to throw it all in to.

I turned in my resignation at work, and my planned April 1st departure from Washington is now set in stone.  I won’t have a house the day before my last day of work, so I’ll either get a hotel room, sleep in my car, stay with family.. I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll set up my tent on the doorstep!  The thought of that is so strange to me.  I won’t have a house, I won’t have a job, I will be on my way to Campo to start my hike.  I’m trying to look back on these last months and assemble some kind of mental montage of everything I’ve done while I’ve been waiting, but I can’t.  I hardly remember a thing, it’s like I’ve always been waiting to start.  All the hikes and trips I took are just a part of another lifetime, even the most recent ones.

Anyways, I finished all that.  I got bored, rented a movie, got bored with the movie and started drawing on my feet, ran out of space and moved on to actual paper.  Protip, Atlas Shrugged Part 3 is absolutely awful.  I didn’t read the book or anything, I just watched the last two movies because why not.  Yeah, don’t even waste your time.  The whole movie was just exposition and the major plot details were told in some weird 3rd person point of view by way of flashbacks and almost news reel segments.  I almost expected the cast to start nodding at the camera after saying certain lines as if to say “Yes, this applies to current events. America is literally going to die if you don’t believe this, this, and this”.  It’s the kind of movie that sucks so bad you start drawing on your feet because it is infinitely more interesting than continuing to watch it.  But I paid an entire $3 so I was determined to let it play out.  I don’t remember the ending.  I wrote “John Galt is 12” on my heel.  I can only imagine how angry the book fans must have been with the final adaptation.  Me?  I can just laugh and turn on something else.

Anyways yeah, tangents.  That’s about all there is I guess.  I don’t know what else to post about here.  My whole planned Gearathon thing didn’t turn out so well, if I had thought about it months ago it probably would have survived, but at this point I am – as I said – just so over gear talk.  I feel like my insight on the gear will be much more valuable when I finish the hike anyways, right?  So it can wait.  My gear list is posted here anyways, if you want to know about it, go take a look.  I’ll update it when my last few items come in.

To all my fellow PCT hikers, I hope all your preparations are coming together in this last little span before your hikes.  But more importantly, I hope you’re surviving the wait.  We’ve all been waiting for so long and working so hard, we’re about to see it all pay off.



I hope I can finish watching X Files before I leave.

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