Two Month Time

So I didn’t survive the DMV ordeal because I didn’t go to the DMV.  A quick look at my finances said “No, you can’t afford to get your EDL this week, wait until you get paid”.  So yeah, shit.

What’s going on then?  Permits.

Tomorrow is the day prospecting hikers can get their long-distance PCT permits, and as luck would have it, I work early tomorrow.  My plans of staying up all night and staying glued to the permit application page waiting for it to open are for not.  I suspect the days won’t fill up that fast, but who knows?  So I’m quietly freaking out over it.

Hot deserts?  Snow in the Sierra?  Rain in Washington?  I’m not worried about those, yet a simple permit process has me reeling.  It will be a wonder if I sleep at all tonight, above that I’m just excited to take the first ‘official’ step towards the whole thing.  And tomorrow marks the last two month stretch I have until it’s pseudo-go-time.  It’s hard to comprehend that this is actually going to happen and isn’t something I just blab on about.  Saying “Only two months left” hardly feels like a real statement.

Right now I’m listening to the song I had on a loop before I left for Utah.  I remember being outside in the warm summer air and getting all my thoughts together on orchestrating the trip, what to bring, what else I needed, and the overall excitement that I was getting back out there.  It feels so recent that I came home with my first piece of gear, solidifying the fact that I was in fact going to do this.  Has it seriously been nine months?  Obviously there’s been some kind of interdimensional time-shift here.

Well, tomorrow I’ll have an actual date to look forward to.  When will it be?  Will I get the date I was planning on?  I’m just going to try to trust that whatever happens, it will work out.  Keyword: try.



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