What’s this? No Gear?!

The outrage!

I love writing blog posts here, I honestly do.  But guys.. I am so burned out on gear talk.  At this stage in pre-PCT life, it’s all hikers can talk about (I’m not saying I don’t do it, that’s clearly not the case here).  That and snow in the Sierra (a subject I want to touch on at some point).  Of course I understand why, but I’m just finalizing my gear and I’m ready to be done with it.  I only need a couple more items and I’ll be finished.

Of course I intend on resuming, I started it in hopes that it would be a helpful resource to someone else out there at some point.  I just need to recharge from the mad-dash of living in an urban area sometimes.  Of course that won’t be a problem for me in.. what, 64 days?  Get me outta here!

I’m also dying to go out and hike my way up another mountain, but the weather has been terrible since my last dance around Snoqualmie, which is about as far as I can afford to go right now.  So my weekends are filled with responsible tasks like finalizing other aspects of my hike.  This weekend I’m going on a grand adventure to the DMV to get my enhanced drivers license so I can leave Canada after I hike in.  Do I need to bring my gear for that?  I consider it a survival situation.

Last weekend I started to pack up some of my things, and I started boxing up other things to sell.  These things were little odds and ends from my ‘old life’.  I realized I don’t occupy my time doing the things I used to do, and seeing them packaged up in a box ready to go made me a little sad.  But it also reaffirmed that I’m stepping into a new world, and that’s exciting.  It’s been a weird year, constantly looking over thru-hike details, doing all my planning, and surviving on very little sleep while having this overall feeling of being trapped has broken me down and is slowly wiping my slate clean.  I’m wondering what will be written on the slate next (apologies for the cheese), and that wonder helps me stay proactive and positive where it counts.  Usually.

So that’s where things are right now, if I survive the DMV ordeal I’ll make up for lost articles.  The next few require a little more detail than I have time for in my meager after-work hours.  I guess I’ll just have to catch up on everyone else’s blogs, everybody wins!

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