Merry Chrishanaquanzikastice

I’m off for the next 11 days, I’m looking at all my options for stuff to do while I’m away from work.  The initial plan was to scale Mt St Helens, but the weather and avalanche conditions aren’t so happy up there.  Actually, avalanche conditions anywhere around here are pretty bad.  I’d say I was disappointed, but it is early in the season, so I’m not exactly surprised.  Looks like I’ll be staying in the lowlands where things are just soggy.  What can you do.  I’m a little relieved in a way, I’ve been living off $50 for the last two weeks now.  Dipping into savings for a quick road trip means discarding sacred town food on the PCT next year.  Or worse.

Before any of that, there’s the whole family celebration of another day to do.  I have a couple posts pending to be published about some stuff, during lulls in the festivities I’ll be editing those.  Actually, I have seven drafts just waiting to be either published or deleted.  I have a tendency to impulse-write and then get distracted by clickbait online.

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