Site Updates

Hey everyone!

I’ve been making small updates to the page as time went on.  The front page got an update so I could (properly) have a few select articles on the front instead of a live feed of my blog posts (I used tables to do this in the past which required me to update the front page by hand every time I made something new).  I will change this when I’m on the PCT, but for now I just want a select few showing.

There were some other small changes I did that I already forgot about.  Ah well.

I also finally got around to making a proper gear page instead of a sad little link going to my lighterpack page.  I will continue to update this to make it more fun, but for now this will do.  Check it out, or don’t!

Things will continue to change bit by bit because I have nothing better to do with my time during the week.  I just spent 10 minutes playing with the lid on my new cooking pot that came in today, that’s where my life is at right now.  These last 3 months might kill me.


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