The Descent

My running shorts came in today.


Now I just need a beard (I just recently trimmed it.. RIP.  I work with dogs, some dogs hate beards, which is upsetting considering how many dogs have beards) and to be caked in dirt, and I’ll unmistakably be hiker trash.

These are definitely my new favorite piece of gear completely based on how awkward I feel wearing them.  I burst out laughing immediately when I saw how short they were on me.  After I got over that, I appreciated how it feels like I’m wearing literally nothing.  I’m slowly losing my shame, and it’s incredible.

In short, fuck pants.  I’ll be hiking in these things for as long as I can stand it.  I may even ditch my hiking pants entirely, I have base layers and my windbreakers if I need more coverage.. I think that’s a good idea (fast forward months later:  I’m getting snowed on and freezing my ass off hating myself for not bringing my pants).  Yeah I’m definitely ditching my hiking pants.

Well that’s about it.  Great post, right?  It made my week, and I need these small victories while I wait for my launch date.  Tomorrow my Mariposa comes in, Friday I may go out and hike 17 miles in the rain!

13 thoughts on “The Descent

      1. Oh yeah we will be applying first thing when permitting opens. That’s so strange though, most o the stuff I have read make it sound like most people want to start mid to late April. But we will see!


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