17 Weeks?!

If that!


I saw someone’s PCT countdown timer today, they have 16 weeks.  One week shy of when I make the drive down to Campo for my own PCT trek.

I’m trying so hard not to watch the days pass by.  I don’t mark days down on my calendar and calculate exactly how many seconds/minutes/hours I have left until I leave, but I at least look at my own countdown on my phone.


The blue circle is running out of life.  I would also like an award for being one of the few people on the internet to screencap their phone while having a battery over 10%, you can hold the applause until the end.

Time is such a weird thing.  I feel like I’ve been trying to sprint through mud waiting for this to happen, and suddenly I only have less than four months to do the things I need to do before the trail.  I have to box up all my stuff for storage, sell all my things I never use, find a solid situation for my dog while I’m gone.  And holy shit I need to buy my last couple pieces of gear.  Oh god I still don’t have maps!

What was once giddy anticipation is now almost.. I don’t know.. pain?  I’ll think about the trail and a wave of heartbreak rushes over me.  “I’ll get there.. I’ll get there” I utter, and I go through a sequence of things I know will be coming:

Dry, warm, dusty wind.

Waking up to a golden morning after cowboy camping, either with a group or without.

Being ungodly hot.

Laughing hysterically.. either with a group or without.  I’m the ‘smile through adversity’ kind of person.  I laugh if I’m uncomfortable, if I’m offended, scared, or if I’m exorbitantly happy.  If I’m frowning, you know serious shit is going down.

I love Washington.  I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this state is, even in the awfully populated and noisy city I live in, it’s easy to still feel connected with nature.  I see all kinds of wild life meandering the streets all the time.  And I really do love the rain.  But man I can not wait for some sun (I’m going to be eating these words so hard, I just know it).  I didn’t get seasonal depression the first couple years I lived here, but last year I got it hardcore, this year less so because I have this to work towards.. but yeah, constant cloud coverage can be brutal sometimes.

Well.. I have some stuff to do, then.  I’d like to share this song with you though, it’s kind of been my theme the last few days since I found it.

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