This Weekend: Baker Lake

Whenever I get back from a trip, I go straight to my computer to:
A.  Blab about it here.

B.  Check out what’s next.

C.  Avoid post-trip cleanup.

So what’s next?  Well I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see Mount Saint Helens this trip (ironically enough, exactly one year ago I went to Rainier and couldn’t see it either), so the only rational thing is to go check out another volcano.

Supar cool.

I dunno, there’s just something really cool about volcanoes.  I’m sure I’d feel otherwise if it were to erupt, but let’s ignore that crispy prospect.

I initially looked for something more exciting in terms of trail conditions.  There’s some really cool trails leading to alpine lakes along ridges looking across valleys and such around here, like Alta Mountain:

Supar coolx2

That was what I planned on doing, but then I looked at my dog and realized I’ve been a pretty terrible owner this past month leaving her behind to wallow in her sorrows.  She’s actually never been on a backpacking trip with me specifically because I tend to lean more towards crazy trails, so this ought to be a good intro for her.  She already has a backpack ready to go.

Destination:  East Baker Lake

I’m only doing it for the mountain.

I like trees, I like lakes, but I suspect this will be relatively boring.  Another tree-covered trail that opens up to a lake.  A story I know well.  But no matter where you are, being outdoors is great.  I’m viewing this as a mental exercise for my long trip if nothing else.  But you never know what’s out there for you until you get out and do it, so it’s possible that it will be more exciting than I anticipate.  I might even get in the water, who knows.  In any case, seeing this mountain up close will be nice considering I hope to climb it in the future when I have the skills for it.  Until then, a peek will suffice.

That’s about it.  Expect some pictures and such, I might get fancy and get some decent video up.  A GoPro is on the ‘to-buy’ list to make things a little more exciting.  Until then, you’re stuck with my words.  Eat them up.

Trip theme:

Eat that up too.  It’s good stuff.

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