Blame the Real World

Small update time!

I had a goal to write an article a day here, and that goal remains.  I ran into some camera issues trying to review some gear, so I’ve been working on finding a solution to that.  I prefer to write, but sometimes a live visual is just a little more prudent.  Trying to describe features of a backpack with text and still images didn’t work for me.

My other goal was to do something every weekend to continue support for this website.  Gear reviews and wilderness advice is nice, but pictures and hike/trip reports tend to be a little more inspiring.  At least to me.  Weekend content is generally going to be a continual thing, weekdays tend to be a little more tricky.  I get home from the excitement of daily life at a pretty bad time, especially for Washington.  The days are getting shorter here and the sun is down by the time I get home from work.  Night hiking is great, but camera issues again continue to thwart me.  It turns out that lighting is pretty difficult at night, who knew?

Anyways, it’s labor day weekend.  People are flocking out to the wilderness to get fresh air, and I’m joining in on the fun.  This weekend will be some fun out in the sun (probably rain and gloomy skies, it’s that time of the year) under the looming presence of Mount Saint Helens.  This will be my first trip there since moving here, and I’m particularly excited to go check out some lava tubes.

What will next weekend hold?  Who knows.  I’m hoping to do a weekend trip in the back country, but the wildfires here are messing that up a little bit.  And given the fact that I plan on doing the PCT next year, I’m avoiding it like the plague to keep things fresh while I’m trekking in my homeland.  I would also like to bring my dog with me, poor girl has had to sit the last couple trips out.  Washington is a very dog friendly place until you step out into some of the cooler areas, finding a dog friendly trail I can camp on is proving to be a little difficult.  I get it though, I’ve had as many run-ins with irresponsible owners as any other hiker.  One event included a Shiba Inu rolling my dog around the trail which turned out to be pretty funny, another included a Golden Retriever full on attacking my dog.  That wasn’t too funny.

I get to say no to this face yet again. Thanks Washington.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.  Every trip needs a theme, here’s mine:

I love new music.  I’d like to hear more about people’s trail playlists.  If you share it, I’ll listen.

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