Welcome to this thing

Let’s forget for a second that I have an ‘about’ page.

Pseudonym aside, my name is Chris.  I’m an endorphin addict and lover of awesome views.  The first big portion of my life was spent being a computer geek and avid gamer, the current portion of my life is still somewhat occupied by that, but more-so occupied by amazing hikes and great backpacking trips.  My quasi-recent move to Washington state set a fire under my ass to get outside and take in the beauty of this amazing state.

Great! But does that really necessitate a website..?
Great! But does that really necessitate a website..?

In and of itself, no.  Sure I’m going to cram pictures of my awesome adventures down your throat until you inevitably explode (get ready for more Corgi pictures too), but I hope to make this a landing for trail info, gear reviews, tips.. you know, things that are of use to you rather than seeing my awesome face every so often.

So who is this relevant to?  Anyone who yearns to go out and do something a bit more exciting than the general day-to-day.  People who look up at a mountain and feel the slightest tinge to jump out of their car mid-freeway and go climb it.  People who will never get enough of the world, sans urban living and all that stuff.  As a Washingtonian (I will never think that sounds cool), the only thing I know better than being outdoors is being stuck in a city.  The contrast is weird.

Beyond that, as my About page will tell you, I’m prepping for a 2,650 mile journey from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail (No I haven’t read Wild).  I have a lot of work to do before then and a few things to try out/learn along the way, and I’d like to share that initial journey with anyone who – again – feels a calling to breaking out of their grind, to put everything you have on the line (er, to even just break the line entirely) and live ‘irresponsibly’ for a little while.

My younger years were filled with dreams of just getting out and doing something crazy.  That was stomped out by relationships and a sense of the general “I can’t just ignore my responsibilities as a member of society”.  I tend to laugh in that guy’s face these days.  My childhood was filled with camping, hiking, and backpacking.  I have some base skills, but I’m by no means a wilderness expert.  I just got back from my first ever solo trip.  More to come on that in a bit, that’s enough background info for now.  We can pick up bits along the way, but more importantly:  The internet beckons for more opinions and information, and dammit I’m going to share them.

Side note:  I will be playing with templates and stuff to find something a bit more suitable.  In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

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